Welcome to the Sponsoring Society for Tanzania
(Tansania-Förderverein e. V.)

The Förderverein-Tansania e. V. has been supporting an educational project in the North of Tanzania since 2004. The association provides support for pupils and teachers of the Ngarenanyuki High School in various ways through donations, endowments, public contributions and sponsorships.
The main project partner is the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide, which has been in close contact with the school in Tanzania since 1998. The Tansania-Förderverein has more than 200 members and all members of the Board work on an honorary capacity.

The Society

The main goals of the Tansania-Förderverein e. V. are a constant improvement of the basis for learning and living at Ngarenanyuki High School und to enable as many girls and boys as possible to obtain a good school education in this structurally weak region.
All the projects that the Tansania-Förderverein e. V. supports financially are discussed and agreed on beforehand with the Senior Management of the school in Tanzania or its School Board.
There are detailed and verifiable invoice documents for every measure of support from our side, which have been sent by James Somi, the Headmaster. During the frequent meetings in Ngarenanyuki visitors can see the successful realization of specific projects on site for themselves.
So, we can say with dedication: “It’s worth making the efforts and your donations reach the exact spot where they are needed !”

Information on Ngarenanyuki

The community of Ngarenanyuki is situated in the north of Tanzania, only about 25 miles northeast of Arusha but slightly away from the areas visited by tourists, and so secluded from the main technological progress. Infrastructure in this rural area around Ngarenanyuki is of poor standard. The main link with Arusha is mere gravel road.
Ngarenanyuki is surrounded by a very attractive landscape. Mount Meru, which is an inactive volcano of 4500 metres height, is close by to the west and Kilimanjaro lies to the east in 30 kilometres. The Massai Desert spreads out to the north. Climate in Ngarenanyuki is rather unfavourable because there is only minor rainfall, which often leads to crop failure.
Ngarenanyuki is a rural community with a small village centre of houses around the market place. Only a few shops offer goods and services. Most individual huts and houses spread over a wide distance around the village centre and do not appear to form a built-up area.
The majority of people who live in and around Ngarenanyuki are smallholders, who in many cases live near subsistence level. Many live on the harvests of from small fields where they mainly grow maize, onions or tomatoes. Vegetables are sold at very low price in Arusha or Moshi, or at the local market in Ngarenanyuki. The average income of those smallholders is 25 € per month.

The Board / Annual Reports

All members the Board work on an honorary basis. Therefore it is guaranteed that the general costs remain low and actually only result from transaction fees charged by the bank. So, your donations go into the projects we support at almost a hundred percent.

Members of the Board (2013)

Dr. Hans Ilmberger was the Headmaster of the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide from 1996 until is retirement in 2010. During his “reign” the partnership between this school and Ngarenanyuki High School in Tanzania emerged. In 2004 the Tansania-Förderverein e. V. was founded in Bargteheide. Dr. Hans Ilmberger was one of the founding members and has been Chairman of the Board of the Tansania-Förderverein e. V. since 2004. He has visited our partner school in Tanzania four times and is the author of a book about his experiences and impressions, which was published in 2011: “TANSANIA – a declaration of love in 9 chapters”.
Ramona Spalk has been teaching Biology and English at the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide since 2011. She is Vice Chairperson of the Board. In the summer of 2013 she has visited our partner school in Ngarenanyuki together with a colleague and six girls and boys.
Ursula Brandt has been school secretary at the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide has been at the core of the school partnership with Tanzania since 1998. Since the foundation of the Förderverein she supports the society actively as its Treasurer. Mrs Brandt has to Tanzania with pupils and teachers five times and has accepted two further private invitations to Ngarenanyuki.
Sabine Kutzner has been a Member of the Board since 2008. She is the mother of three sons who attend, or have attended the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide. She visited the partner school in Tanzania in 2010 and is closely attached to the school through personal contacts.
Peter Rosanowski has been a teacher of German, History and Philosophy until his retirement in 2010, as well as the Head of the Intermediate Level at the Kopernikus Gymnasium Bargteheide. He has been a member of the board of the Tansania-Förderverein e. V. and works as its secretary.